Requirement Lists

Year 1 and the start of the year

While the students have been involved in several transition activities to familiarise them with the Year 1 classroom, where it is and how it works etc., some of them may still be apprehensive at starting Year 1.  Tears are normal, but you will be kinder by keeping your goodbyes brief.  Teachers are not permitted to put upset children on their knee (due to the Child Protection Policy). The less fuss made the better progress will be made on this front.

Books and Equipment

  • Please do not cover any Year 1 booklist books.  The teacher will put a subject specific cover on the books so that the children can identify these.
  • Please name everything – including all pieces of your child’s uniform, hats, single coloured pencils within the case etc. Nothing will be shared as it was in Pre-Primary. Children will be responsible for sharpening pencils themselves.
  • If possible, please teach them to sharpen pencils using a sharpener over the holidays.
  • Please work on teaching your child to tie their own shoe laces over the holidays if they have laced shoes for Year 1.  Older siblings could be asked to assist.
  • The pencil case size as mentioned on the booklist is for a reason.  Bigger ones (often arise because of competition between students) almost take up the whole tray and will not be used.  Crunch & Sip, pencil case and alphabet strip all need to fit on the desk.
  • Please send everything on Day 1.  Do not keep spare pencils, glue, scrapbooks etc. at home as the teacher can store these and they are there ready for when students need them.

Student Requirement Lists 2023