Attendance at Kindy

Regular school attendance is one of the most important ways you can support your child in getting the best education possible. The research is very clear. Students who attend school regularly in the early years are much more likely to attend regularly throughout their primary years than those who don’t develop good habits early on in their schooling.  Please support us by ensuring your son or daughter is at school every day possible. Letting them stay home for birthdays etc. is not a way to help your child learn. Every day counts.

Enrolling in Kindy is not compulsory in WA; however, there is an expectation that if you enrol your child, they will attend regularly as places are limited. 

 All students should attend school unless:

  • They are too unwell.
  • They have an infectious disease/complaint.
  • The teacher is provided with an acceptable reason.

Please try and keep family holidays to holiday times and minimise appointments during school time.

After an absence, you must provide your child’s teacher with the reason your child did not attend as this must be recorded on the Attendance Register.  The school can be notified in person, by phone or note, through the School Star App, Connect or a reply to our SMS attendance message.

90% attendance is considered “regular attendance”.  However, if your child attends only 90% of the time, it will mean that over the 13 years of schooling that your child will complete, he/she will miss nearly 1.5 years of education.