Daily Procedure

Classroom doors open at 8:30am with the formal school day starting at 8:50am. Joining in an activity with your child before school is a fantastic way of showing them you are interested in their education. Spending a few minutes each morning looking at their work, making a puzzle or reading a book can be a great way to settle them into the day’s activities.  It also helps them to understand that you value learning.

When bringing your child to school in the morning, due to Duty of Care requirements, responsibility is accepted for children only during session times.  Please do not bring your child early as our teachers and education assistants have duties to perform prior to each session.  Similarly, we ask that children be collected promptly by an adult at the conclusion of each session in order to avoid any distress to the students.  The school day finishes at 2:50pm, giving families an opportunity to collect their other children afterwards from the “big school” which finishes at 3:00pm. Children will not be released to people who are unknown or not listed on their contacts list. To avoid any possible embarrassment to your friend or family member, please inform us in writing if someone different is collecting your child. Your child’s safety is our number 1 priority.

 Note:  Children must be escorted to and from the classroom doors at all times.