Why go to Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the first formal involvement that many children have with a school. Although it is not compulsory, it is highly desirable that all students attend to enable a smooth transition to full time, compulsory education. Using play, your children will be involved in a program that teaches them social skills, self-management skills and resilience.  It will also provide a rich learning environment where they can continue to develop the early foundations for literacy and numeracy.

Our skilled and experienced teachers and education assistants will work closely with you and your child to give them a great start to their schooling. We encourage parents to be a part of their child’s learning while they are at school. The transition to spending time away from mum and dad, often for the first time, can be difficult. By working together, we can help make this transition as smooth and as enjoyable as possible for both you and your child.

Our School Vision: At Fairview, we strive to provide a rich learning environment inspiring all students to achieve their best both academically and personally.

This vision drives our focus of making sure that school is engaging. We want your child to love school and to understand the importance of learning.

If your child turns 4 on or before June 30th, you are entitled to access your local school’s kindergarten program. All schools are currently funded to provide a 15 hour program. The structure of the week varies from year to year depending on enrolments and the structures we need to put in place.

Kindergarten Days

We currently have one Kindy class. As a local Government school, we work hard to provide a place for all students.

Students attend classes on a two-week cycle of 2 full days (12 hours) one week and 3 full days (18 hours) the next. This provides, on average, the required 15 hours per week. Kindergarten days are currently every Wednesday and Thursday, and every second Tuesday.

Structures are dependent on enrolments and may vary from year to year.

A timetable of the weeks when Kindy is on

  • can be found below
  • is included on the website calendar
  • can be obtained from the office