School Board

Welcome to the Fairview Primary School Board. The Fairview Board is a group of interested parents, community members and staff who are actively involved in the governance of our school. This group helps to shape our direction and monitors our progress towards it. They work on policy and bring a range of voices and views to the decision making processes of our school. They generally meet once per term.

The Boards responsibility for developing and overseeing the implementation of the school’s strategic plan. The Board does not have a role in the day-to-day running of the school, this is the responsibility of the Principal and school leadership team. Board members hold their position for 3 years and nominations for election to the Board will be advertised early in the new year.

Minutes of Board meetings are public documents with the main items of business published in our newsletter. If you ever have an item you would like raised at a meeting, please make contact with one of the members listed below.

The current composition of the Board is:

Tara van Beuningen – community representative – Chairperson

Tristan Gulvin – parent representative

Carissa Page – parent representative

Benita Spencer – parent representative

Lauren Ingram – parent representative

Natalie Gasperi – staff representative

Kate Hindle – staff representative

Helen Upson – staff representative

Andrew Whitney – Principal