Communication with parents

Talking with teachers

If you have any questions, concerns or information to share, we encourage you to talk to the class teacher in the first instance.  Mornings are a very busy time for teachers, so if you have an issue to discuss, please make an appointment to see the teacher.  This will ensure he/she has time to listen to your concerns without interruption, and the issue can be discussed in a confidential environment.

Parents/caregivers are also encouraged to contact the Deputy Principal, Mrs Helen Upson or the Principal, Mr Andrew Whitney if there are concerns you need to have addressed.

We regularly communicate via our fortnightly newsletter as well as Connect, our online communication tool. Connect is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices and can be downloaded for free.  Connect can also be accessed via the internet. Our website is regularly updated with a range of information.

We are extremely happy that you have chosen to enrol your child at Fairview, and we look forward to working with you to ensure your child’s experience is exciting, nurturing, fulfilling and rewarding. 

Protective Behaviours

Keeping children safe is of  the utmost importance. Each year, children at Fairview have lessons on Protective Behaviours. In these lessons, they learn about keeping themselves safe and things to be careful of.

In the early years, the messages are about who is safe, understanding some of their feelings and that “my body belongs to me.”

As they move through primary school, they will also learn more about cybersafety, friendships and bullying.

Before these lessons start, you will be provided with an outline of what will be covered. This is so you can understand where some of your child’s questions might come from. Find out more at Positive Behaviour Support section of the website.