Our school curriculum is based on the Western Australian Curriculum. The learning areas of Maths, English, Science, HASS and Health and Technology are covered by classroom teachers. The Arts – music and visual arts, Languages – Indonesian and Physical Education are covered by specialist teachers.

We use a range of both traditional and modern resources including iPads, computers and interactive whiteboards which are available in every class. 

Letter formations will be focussed on in Year 1.  Lower case in Victorian Modern Cursive will be the focus to begin with.  A copy of the letter formations is attached for your information.

Students are now moving into formal learning situations in Year 1 and so should not expect as much “free time”.

Students will also have some specialist teachers from Year 1 onwards such as – 

  • Specialist Physical Education lessons each week with Mrs Ludlam and Mrs Francis
  • An Art lesson with Mr Henderson
  • A Noongar Language lesson
  • A Technology lesson with Ms Jasper.

Fairview also has an extensive Social and Emotional learning program. PBS is the basis of our behaviour processes and progams to support self regulation (Zones of Regulation) and social problem solving (BUZ) are in use. Kidsmatter – a positive mental health initiative and the Friendly Schools Plus program are central to this. Programs in Protective Behaviours and Cyber Safety are also covered.

There is also a very strong “structured play” component to learning. Students often learn best when given opportunity to work, share and socialise with other students. An emphasis on nature play, problem solving and taking “safe risks” is a key part of our curriculum.

If at any time you have a concern about your child and their academic or social progress, please see the teacher and organise an appointment to discuss any issues. Please do not “sit” on an issue. It is always easier to nip a problem in the bud than let it grow until it becomes overwhelming.